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Magnesium Product Reviews
Featured Supplement - March 2019 $23
  • Rhythm Triple Calm

Triple Calm - 'Triple Benefits'

This product is manufactured by Natural Rhythm, a company that prides itself on producing safe and effective products to relieve stress and anxiety. This manufacturer puts it’s products through testing for both effectiveness and safety which include an assurance that the product contains no heavy metals.

This product combines three magnesium types into one supplement primarily in support of stress management. The packaging highlights three key benefits: calm + relaxing + gentle.

While the product emphasis is on stress management, it’s important to point out that it also delivers cardiovascular support (magnesium taurate) and reduces muscle tenstion and supports nerve function (magnesium malate). Magnesium Glycinate the main element promoting relaxation and calmness rounds out the ‘triple’ in Triple Calm.

In my personal experience this product delivers what is says it will – it’s calming and gentle. I can’t overstate how important it is to find a supplement that is both highly bioavailable (absorbs well) and is gentle on the stomach, and this supplement delivers both.

Two capsules per day are recommended. You can experiment with this a bit taking both at one time or at different times during the day. I experience the best benefits taking one in the morning and one with lunch – as I’m most stress during work hours, so I take it when I need it most.


– High bioavailability
– Gentle on the stomach
– Produces immediate results
– Stress reduction
– Sleep improvement
– Relieves muscle and joint aches and pains


– 120 capsules at 2x per day can go fast
– Not the cheapest option (however effectiveness makes it worth the cost)
– Should take with food and plenty of water (which could be inconvenient)